Wisconsin law limits the fee for lawyers in worker’s compensation cases to 20% of the amount recovered. Thus highly experienced worker’s compensation lawyers and those who seldom practice in this area usually charge the same percentage fee.

Does it Cost More to Hire Experienced Worker’s Compensation Lawyers?

Our firm has been focusing on worker’s compensation and related matters for more than a quarter century. This is just about all we do. When you are considering retaining our firm, you may be concerned that because of our extensive experience, our fees may be higher than attorneys with far less experience.

There is no need for this concern.

In Wisconsin, legal fees for attorneys in worker’s compensation cases are capped at 20% of the recovered amount, and this is the customary fee. As a result, inexperienced lawyers, or those who only occasionally handle worker’s compensation cases will likely charge the same percentage fees as the most experienced worker’s compensation lawyers in Wisconsin.

We believe that it is helpful for you to understand the fee cap so that you can choose the lawyer you believe will be the best for your case without worrying about legal fees.

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