We build the cases of our clients step-by-step, through often painstaking work. We will seek to hold all those accountable – including non-employers – to the extent that they bear legal liability for the injuries of our clients.

Seeking Full Compensation for Your Injuries – Other Parties Who May Be Liable

If you’ve been injured at work, we will seek full compensation for your injuries.  Usually, compensation comes from worker’s compensation benefits; however, in some cases, non-employer parties may be at fault.

For example, if you’ve been injured at a construction site, there may be a number of other parties who may be responsible – in whole or in part – for your injuries.  For example, potential other parties might include:

These are only some examples in which third parties may be liable for a worker’s injuries.

When we represent an injured worker, we will fully investigate the nature of the accident to determine whether there are non-employer parties who may be potentially liable for causing or contributing to the accident.  If there are such other parties liable, we can initiate an action in civil court for damages.

Wisconsin Workers‘ Compensation Center

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