The Role of Insurance Companies in Worker’s Compensation Claims

If you’ve been injured at work and are seeking worker’s compensation benefits, there is another party – the insurance company – that will have a vested interest in seeing that you receive as little as possible.

You should expect the insurance company to conduct an investigation of your claim.  The claims adjuster will likely want to interview you in a recorded statement, ask you to sign medical record authorizations, and may schedule you to be examined by an insurance company doctor (an IME).  At times, the claims adjuster may seem to have your best interests in mind; however, that is not the case!  Remember, the claims adjuster’s job is to protect insurance company assets, not to protect your rights.

Sometimes an insurance company will hire a nurse case manager to attend your medical appointments.  The claims adjuster might suggest the nurse case manager is there for your benefit—to help coordinate your care or help you get back to work sooner.  In reality, the nurse case manager is working for the insurance company, not you.  You are not required to allow a nurse case manager to sit in on your doctor’s appointments.

Insurance companies will typically hire their own experts, and require that you undergo what is referred to as an “independent medical examination,” or IME.  Despite the name, the IME doctors are likely not truly independent; they tend to be hired and retained by the insurance companies based upon their pro-insurance company view of injuries.  Insurance companies may take the positions that:

All too often, insurance companies deny valid claims.  If you’ve received a denial letter, don’t be discouraged.   We can help.

Insurance Companies Hire Teams of Lawyers; You Need Experienced Lawyers on Your Side

Bartells Parman & Pease WI Workers Compensation LawyersInsurance companies often have teams of experienced lawyers ready to challenge your claim.  When you are unrepresented by legal counsel, insurance companies may employ numerous tactics against you to persuade you to take actions against your self-interest.

Insurance companies may delay resolving your case or pay you as little as possible while you are recuperating from your injuries to create a strong incentive for you to settle your case for an unreasonable amount.  They may also stop paying your medical bills if their IME provides an excuse to do so.

If you’ve been injured at work, your best option is to have a similarly experienced team on your side.  We know how to challenge the tactics often employed by insurance companies to take advantage of injured workers and to delay the claims process.

We will fight to prove the full extent of your injuries to obtain full and fair compensation.  We will also demand that the insurance company pay for all medical treatment required to be paid under law – not just the amount that they feel like paying.

There Is No Fee for Us Unless You Recover

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